Parent Information Sessions for 2017

  • Wednesday Sept 20th at 5:30 (Pitt Meadows Sec. – Multi Purpose Room)
  • Monday, Sept 25th at 6:00 (Garibaldi Sec. – Gym)
  • Wednesday Sept 27th at 6:00 (Thomas Haney Sec. – Rotunda)


  • Why iPads?
    • The type of device (iPad, tablet or laptop) doesn’t make much difference. The important part is that each child has access to the resources they need when they need them.
    • Having a device such as an iPad creates a more equitable learning environment where everyone looks the same while working at their level – whether their work is much easier or much harder than others.
    • Having an iPad makes it easier for the teacher to connect students to current information and resources (eg. WorldBookOnline)
  • What filters are on the iPad for Internet Safety?
    • The iPad does not have built in filters. All Internet searches from a school are filtered provincially but this is not 100% reliable.
    • At home, there are no filters unless you add them to your network. Some popular options are and Please read the details and TOS before agreeing to add this product to your network.
  • What are the typical rules for students while they use their iPads at home?
    • When an iPad goes home, the parent makes the rules about when and where and if the iPad is used.
    • iPads should not be used in the bedroom, especially not overnight.
    • Help your child develop a routine for safely recharging the iPad every night.
    • Many parents have a lot of success with some technology free time built into the family’s weekly schedule.
  • Does my child need an Apple ID?
    • Depends on the classroom. Creating an Apple ID is helpful in a classroom when the classroom teacher works with students to use their Apple ID appropriately. Students using an Apple ID without guidance from the teacher can create issues that interfere with their learning.
  • How does my child get the free Microsoft Office Suite downloaded onto our home computer?
  • How often do they use the iPad at school?
    • This varies greatly. You will need to check with your child’s teacher. In general, students use the iPad when the iPad provides an advantage to their learning.
  • What health concerns are associated with iPad use?
    • The Canadian Paediatric Society recommendations for screen time.
    • Bedtime access to a device is associated with many health problems. JAMA Article. School District 42 recommends that you do not allow students to have bedtime access to a device.
    • The American Academy of Pediatrics has updated their screen time recommendations to < 2 hours of entertainment time each day.

Age Appropriate Expectations

  • Parent Student Technology Use Agreement (PDF, docx). The purpose of this document is to start the conversation at home around encouraging appropriate use of technology.
  • Common Sense Media (Excellent for determining age appropriate recommendations on books, video games, movies, apps, Internet use, etc)

Internet Safety

Apple ID (if needed)

  • How to create an Apple ID without needing to enter credit card details. (Link)
  • How to remove credit card details from an existing Apple ID. (Link)
  • How to change settings to help prevent accidental spending. (Link)
  • SD42 has a new MDM provider. At this time we do not have the ability to push paid and free apps to a personally owned iPad.
  • How to set up an Apple ID with Family Sharing. (Link)

Parent Presentation Handout

  • Inquiry Project Handout and Permission form for Parents and Students (PDF)