Student Projects

Every year students work collaboratively on one formal inquiry project:

  • Each group of students create their own open-ended inquiry question that is meaningful for them.
  • Each group completes a thorough plan for following through with their inquiry question.
  • Students plan all aspects of the inquiry, including information sources, strategies for working together, and presentation of results.
  • They create a presentation and conclusion (informed opinion or impact statement) that is reasonable for the complexity of the question.
  • Students reflect on the impact their inquiry has had on them personally.

Assessing the presentations

District teams of three teachers assessed each project presentation using a rubric that assessed both content and presentation (i.e., understanding the issue, use of evidence, logical reasoning, use of technology tools, vocabulary and conventions, clarity and impact).

Projects were presented in a wide variety of formats, including iMovies, websites and PowerPoint.

Sample of Inquiry Questions

How can we improve the lifestyle choices of our peers?
Why do people feel the need to share their lives on social media?
Should mental wellness be part of the school curriculum?
How might cancelling school buses in SD42 affect the lives of families?
Should recycling be mandatory?
How might we ensure that we are eating properly if the Canadian Food Guide is, in fact, incorrect?
How can we introduce a composting project to our school?
How might Glenwood Elementary School save 450 light bulbs from the landfill in 1 month?
How can our class reduce lunch waste?

Sample Questions from projects in 2017