Literacy Apps

See page 11 of  SD42 Connections Magazine for a list of recommended apps.

Voice Memos Voice Memos enables you to record and review personal audio messages.
Don't Let the Pigeon Run This App! Don’t Let the Pigeon Run This App! lets you create your own Pigeon stories with your pal, Mo Willems. Just follow as the Bus Driver asks you for your ideas—then shake the Pigeon. Your story is ready! Sit back and enjoy the show. Once you’re finished, try it again…and again. You can make as many silly stories as you want.
Dragon Dictation Dragon Dictation. Dragon Dictation is an easy-to-use voice recognition application powered by Dragon® NaturallySpeaking® that allows you to easily speak and instantly see your text or email messages. In fact, it’s up to five (5) times faster than typing on the keyboard.
Shel Silverstein's Animations Shel Siverstein’s Animations. Explore the World of Shel Silverstein on your iPhone or iTouch. Shel Silverstein’s Animations is a free video application featuring a selection of animated excerpts from THE GIVING TREE, FALLING UP, RUNNY BABBIT, and DON’T BUMP THE GLUMP! And Other Fantasies.
Pictello Pictello is a simple way to create talking photo albums and talking books. Each page in a Pictello Story can contain a picture, up to five lines of text, and a recorded sound or text-to-speech using high-quality voices. Stories can be shared using iTunes File Sharing or via WiFi with other Pictello users through a free account on the Pictello Sharing Server. Stories can be shared with non-Pictello users as PDF files through email or iTunes File Sharing.
K12 Timed Reading Practice K12 Timed Reading Practice lets readers in levels K-4 practice fluency by reading short, timed stories. Improving fluency allows readers to read smoothly and quickly so they can focus on comprehension rather than on decoding words.
Learning A-Z Learning A-Z. Now your students can access the “On Your Own” area right from an iPad! The “On Your Own” area provides every student in your classroom the leveled books and quizzes to practice reading and check understanding. All activity in the app will be recorded at, enabling you to easily monitor student progress and help you determine the instruction needed for each student.
K-5 Mobile School Reading K – 5 Mobile Reading. K-5 Mobile Reading’s kindergarten through 2nd grade leveled library features research-based ebooks linked to Common Core Comprehension Skills. Each book features optional narration, record capabilities, and strong text to graphic relationships. After launching with 30 books, each month students will be thrilled to find additional books available as an in-app purchase.
The LAZ Library A – Z is a collection of books at a particular leading level. Libraries are currently availablefrom reading level AA to reading level R. Each app library has 12 books; ten books on that reading level, a free sample book for that level, and a free sample book for the level above.
iBooks is an ereader app. To purchase new ebooks, iBooks provides access to a bookstore.  Like other ebook stores, you can download a free sample to read an excerpt from a book before you buy it. The full-color covers show up on a virtual bookshelf under the Library tab. You can also use the app to read PDF files.
iReading. Exquisite pictures, vivid narration as well as animation and interactive features bring you and your children wonderful stories and a brand new reading experience.
The Cat in the Hat - Dr.... Dr. Seuss: Lorax Garden, The Lorax, The Grinch, Green Eggs, Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, There’s No Place Like Space!, Oh Say Can You Say Di-no-saur?
Swim Buddies! Swim Buddies! Did you know that Pacific Rockfish can live to over 200 years old? Or that some species of AngelFish live in saltwater and others in fresh water? In Swim Buddies! you will meet 12 fascinating sea creatures and learn some amazing facts about some wonderfully colorful species.
Kids can read – Buffy the Butterfly Buffy the Butterfly wakes up to a beautiful morning and fly around to meet all his animal friends. Come join him in this fun, interactive and rich book designed for parents with young children. Ideal for an engaging, educational, visually and audibly exciting experience.
Toy Story Read-Along Toy Story. To Infinity and Beyond! Toy Story takes you on the adventure of a lifetime: A fully interactive reading experience packed with Games, Movie Clips, Coloring Pages, Sing-along Tunes, and Surprises on every page. Hear the story read aloud, record your own narration, or explore at your own pace.
Tinker Bell & Friends TinkerBell. Meet Tinker Bell and her friends in this cute, free Magic Ink Book. Experience Never Land in a way you have never experienced it before – through Magic Ink Books™ beautiful rendition.
PlayTales Kids' Interactive Books HD PlayTales. We love reading, we love pictures, we love games and we love familiar faces! PlayTales offers interactive books: traditional and classic, popular and new, for toddlers and beginning readers that will engage them in books and stories once again.
I am ready to Read - Feelings Feelings. This is a series of Vocabulary Builders to enhance and increase the vocabulary of the very young readers. Written in a catchy rhyming style, illustrated beautifully, each book deals with one topic picked up from our day-to-day lives.
Once Upon A Time Once Upon a Time is a 2 player game where the object of the game is to continue the previous sentence and create a fun short story. Simply type a sentence and press fold. When your sentence is hidden, pass the iphone to your friend and let them continue the next sentence from your last word.
Read Me Stories - Children's books Read Me Stories – Children’s Books. Your child can practice reading – anywhere, anytime – while you’re driving, shopping in the grocery store, or having a quick coffee at your favorite cafe. And you can spend quality time with your child while teaching the core skills of reading and speaking that are so necessary for every child in today’s modern world.
Chicktionary Chicktionary. Chicktionary is one of the most popular word games on the Internet and now you can hatch up some fun on your iPhone! Each hen bears a letter. The more words you create, the more points you earn!
Read Me Stories - Tuffy's Adventures Books 1-5 Tuffy Books 1 – 5. Kids love our books and actually WANT to read and spend time in our library every day. This is our way to entice them into learning the skills they need to excel in the world.  Incredible value: Five awesome books for the price of one, hours of pleasure from a single reading, stunning illustrations and movie quality soundtracks.
A Story Before Bed - Personalized Children's Picture Books A Story Before Bed – Personalized Children’s Picture Books. A Story Before Bed™ lets parents, grandparents, and anyone with a special child in their lives record audio and video of themselves reading a children’s book into their webcam right in their web browser. Children can watch these recordings anytime they like.
Dusty D. Dawg Has Feelings Too Dusty D. Dawg Story. Lillian Vernon presents its first animated, personalized children’s storybook for all Apple devices. “Dusty D. Dawg Has Feelings Too” is a children’s book specialized for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Kids will read along and learn about exploring their feelings with Dusty D. Dawg.
Then It Rained Pick Pocket Books: Then it Rained. Then It Rained: Kids love outdoor activities like ball games and trips to the beach, but sometimes the weather just doesn’t cooperate! Then It Rained is the triumphant story of one child’s determination to challenge conventional wisdom, make his voice heard and live his life to the fullest – whatever the weather! It is a fun read a great reminder that joy can be found in making the best out of every challenge.
Buddy the Bus #1:... Buddy the Bus #1: There’s Always Tomorrow. Hop aboard and enjoy the ride with Buddy the Bus as you listen, read and learn.
This charming story, introduces your child to Buddy — the big city bus with an even bigger heart.
Buddy the Bus #2: A Scary... Buddy the Bus #2. Get ready to enjoy another adventure with Buddy, everyone’s favorite big city bus!
In this children’s story the second in the book series, Buddy gets caught in a thunder storm on his way back to the bus garage, and with the help of a friend, learns that scary things aren’t always as scary as they may seem.
My Favorite Shoes StoryChimes My Favorite Shoes. This is a cute little story about two sisters and their love of sneakers. Wiggles Press was founded in March 2009; this collaborative publishing house aims to provide multicultural storybooks for the hands of little readers that encourages an eagerness to read and inspires the imagination.
Nate's Big Hair - Kids Book Nate’s Big Hair. Nate has an abundant head of hair and is not fond of trying new foods. When his mother finds he’s hiding food in his hair, she decides she will give him something that’s not only nutritious, but big, too!
Animal Tales Animal Tales. Ducks, owls, zebras, lambs and more are waiting to be discovered within illustrations of “Mother Goose’s Animal Tales.” Narrative rhymes guide the child through the sequence of illustrations encouraging focus and awareness. The reward for finding the hidden object is a screen that springs to life with full color.
Reading Remedies Reading Remedies. Diagnose areas of potential reading difficulty and support beginning readers with Reading Remedies! A quick and easy assessment you can conduct in each of six areas of literacy: rhyming, blending, segmentation, sight words, fluency, and word attack. Suggested follow-up activities to teach specific skills in each area as well as complete lists of sight words, common prefixes, suffixes, and vowel combinations are included.
Reading Logs Reading Logs. Reading Logs app simplifies the lives of elementary school children. It enables students to keep track of their spelling and vocabulary word lists, and practice them on their iPods on the go. The words on a spelling list are spoken to the user, so she can hear the word and practice spelling the same.

Audio Books

  Geronimo Stilton Books 4 – 6
Where the Sidewalk Ends, Shel Silverstein
Love You Forever, Robert Munsch
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Charlotte’s Web

Magic Tree House Books

Wonder by RJ Palacio


  Charlotte’s Web
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Ramona Quimby


  Where the Sidewalk Ends, Shel Silverstein