Drawing Apps

Whiteboard. Imagine being able to show anyone in the world exactly what you mean, as if you were sitting together in front of a whiteboard. Use images from your iPhone or iPod Touch photo album and camera to collaborate on ideas and get your point across.
How to draw. Listen, follow the instructions and draw on your screen. See how easy it is. You may start with a cat. It’s really simple. If it goes well don’t be afraid of the “Skeleton” episode! It’s the most difficult but you can do it.
Comic Touch. Make your photos come alive by giving them the Comic Touch. Add balloons to give your subjects thoughts and words. Add captions to describe the scene or give the photo a title.
Glow Paint. Glow Paint is a great way to express your self. Both Kids and Adults Love It. Features: 1. 5 colors to paint with (Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Yellow) 2. You can make the pictures that you paint into your iPhone/iPod Touch wallpaper by pressing the HOME button and the SLEEP/WAKE button at the same time. This saves the picture that you made, once saved you can set the picture as a wallpaper…