Math / Numeracy Apps

See page 11 of SD42 Connections Magazine for a list of recommended apps.

Basic Math Basic Math. This is an application based on the drill-and-practice instructional strategy. Similar to memorization, such a strategy presents the tasks to be completed repetitively to build up the foundation skills for more meaningful learning in the future.
Math Genius Math Genius. In this game, you have to figure out the number hidden behind the question mark “?”, you have enough seconds to think about which number it could be, but the faster you are the more points you get.
Mad Math 2 Mad Math 2. Mad Math keeps tracks of the stats of multiple students. Each student gets a report of which facts they are struggling with and these can even be emailed to show off. Each correct problem also gets you closer to the next Mad Math Level.
Math Bingo Math Bingo. The object of Math BINGO is to get a pattern of five BINGO Bugs in a row by correctly answering math problems.
Fractions Fractions. A very simple and easy way to add, subtract, divide and multiply fractions with a clear interface making it ideal for any use.
Amazing Coin(CAD) Amazing Coin. Amazing Coin is a fun and educational game for kids to practice identifying and solving math problems with coins. It will teach your kids how to recognize, count, add, pay and make change with coins. Includes 8 games.
FlowMath (multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction math builder) FlowMath. FlowMath will test your skills to build a math problem that matches the answer. You see FlowMath provides the answer and wants you to make the equation. Choose the numbers and the operator and see how fast you can make your way through this twist on arithmetic tables.
Kids Math Fun Kids Math Fun. Kids Math Fun provides an interesting mix of verbal and visual teaching that will help the 4-8 year old child improve his or her math test scores.  At the same time, it makes learning fun!
KidCalc 7-in-1 Math Fun (Including Valentines Day, Easter, and Birthday Party Themes) KidCalc 7-in-1 Math Fun. KidCalc teaches number recognition, counting and math to pre-schoolers, kindergarteners and elementary school aged children using flash cards and puzzle games, with engaging artwork, animation and voice-overs.
Tric-Trac Tric-Trac, also known as Shut-The-Box, is a simple game of chance. The object is to try flipping up all nine number tiles, labeled 1 through 9, by using the sum of a roll of two dice. Game play continues until either all tiles have been flipped up, or the sum of a dice roll can not be achieved with the remaining tiles.
Math-ster Frog Math-ster Frog. The story behind the game is about a frog, who wants to become a ninja and have to pass different challenges. The challenge starts from Addition Lesson, Subtraction Lesson, Multiplication Lesson, Division Lesson, and finally Combined Lesson. Each challenge represents an element. After collecting all elements, the frog becomes a ninja master (math-ster).