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Children need the freedom and the time to play.  Play is not a luxury.  Play is a necessity.”  (Kay Redfield Jamison)

Welcome Rainy Season!


When life throws you a rainy day, play in the puddles!  The wet, rainy weather has arrived but the fresh air still feels invigorating, and being outside continues to offer so many opportunities to have fun.  I’ve watched many little friends making mud pies, decorating them with stones and then jumping on them.  Older kids seem to enjoy throwing a ball around and getting splashed.  And, if you’re wearing rubber boots it can be quite adventurous to march through the puddles.  If you have the right attitude, it can actually be a lot of fun to play outside when it is raining.  And snow!  Even the prospect of snow, gets kids of all ages excited about being outside.

Surprisingly, a recent report on children’s activity, rated Canada a “D” for sedentary behaviors and overall physical activity (www.participaction.com/en-ca/thought-leadership/report-card/2016/global-comparisons) in comparison to 37 countries.  Long term, this can lead to many serious physical and mental health conditions.  The document discusses the added health benefits of playing outdoors.  When children engage in outdoor activity they tend to move more, take more steps, and experience 20% more heart-pumping activity than even playing in a gym.  Access to active play in nature contributes to improved sleep, better self-regulation, increased resilience and facilitates socialization with peers.  When children play,  they learn about friendships and how to negotiate with others.  yet living in a digital age, often children spend many hours each day, indoors on screen activities.  Unfortunately, this limits their opportunities to engage in free unstructured play, an important part of healthy development.

Our staff recently discussed all of this at a meeting and agreed to implement some of the recommendations in the report cited above.  As a result, students will be reminded to wait outside before and after school.  Crouching in the corridor on a device is simply unhealthy.  All students and parents should be using the outside doors to their classrooms.  Laity View is situated in a safe and beautiful area of maple Ridge offering many spaces for running and climbing.  Enjoy the landscape and fresh air while walking around our lovely school.

We know that too much media transforms human connection for better and for worse.  Children need digital mentorship and guidelines from adults.  Therefore, during unstructured times (recess and lunch), students will be expected to engage in active play, to interact with one another authentically, and to enjoy just being present in their environment.

It has been a wonderful first term at Laity View. Thank-you for your ongoing support.  Together we can really make a difference in helping all of our children to become happy, healthy citizens who will reach their full potential. Spending time with this incredible community, we have immense hope for the future. Celebrate your child’s accomplishments.”

Mme Shelley Linton                                                                                                     Mme Donna Servant

Principal                                                                                                                         Vice Principal



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