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Important Dates:

 Tuesday October 18 Intermediate Cross Country at Alouette Lake

Wednesday October 19 Primary Cross Country at Albion sports fields

Friday October 21 Professional Development Day (Provincial) Schools Closed

Thursday October 27 Photo Retakes

Friday October 28:  PAC Meeting 8:45 AM

Friday October 28:  Primary Assembly 11:00

Friday October 28:  Movie Night 5:30-8:00 PM


Hello Laity View Community,

The Open House was a pleasure and a success as we had an opportunity to come together as a community and see what children are already doing in their classrooms.  Children were so proud to show their art, play math games, and introduce their parents to their teachers.  Nel Noddings, a renowned educator and author writes; Schools, like homes, are special places in the lives of children.  They should be centres of stability and community.”


Reflecting on our recent Curriculum Day, this quote resonates as educators learn about ways to support the development of the whole child.  Many teachers attended presentations about inclusion, incorporating First Nations perspectives into lessons, and developing social and emotional competencies.  All of our staff are committed to supporting students to develop these skills, and Laity View is proud to pursue this in a number of creative ways.  Many classes are learning about the zones of regulation; a child-friendly approach to learning about our emotions and how to develop strategies for managing them appropriately.  Community-building activities are taking place throughout our school, encouraging students to communicate and foster positive relationships.  We are also exploring mindfulness, and its ability to be used as a strategy to improve focus and to manage powerful emotions.


Every year we have the privilege of getting to know students who bring many gifts to enrich our community and who also have an incredible range in their social and emotional abilities.  In our effort to enrich our beloved community, we have focused on kindness at our recent assembly.  We sent the message that kindness can be a boomerang that starts with one good deed.  Instead of asking your child what they did at school today, perhaps ask who they were kind to , or what they did to help someone.  Sometimes young children focus only on who was not kind to them, or will perseverate on a social altercation.  Yet if they start to realize that we all have a responsibility to improve our community, this may go a long way to strengthening their sense of belonging.  And tahat they too can join our efforts to ensure our school is a special place where everyone belongs.


Mme Shelley Linton                                                                                                     Mme Donna Servant

Principal                                                                                                                         Vice Principal



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Red Cross Babysitting Course

Red Cross is offering this worthwhile babysitting course on the professional development day on November 10.  The course is open to students in grades 6 and 7.  Please review and complete the attached form to enroll.red-cross-babysitting-registration

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