About Our School

Bell Schedule:

8:25 Warning bell

8:30 Classes begin

10:10-10:25 Recess

12:00-12:40 Lunch (Play first 12:00-12:25)

2:20 pm Dismissal

School Procedures


While many factors affect a child’s education, there is one that can be of paramount importance – communication. Frequent and open communication between parents and teachers leads to a greater understanding and appreciation of the educational process, as well as each child’s participation in it. We welcome and appreciate your inquiries and visits, and trust you will contact us when, and if, concerns or questions arise.

School Closures

In the event of power failures or severe winter weather conditions, please listen to our local radio station CKNW 980 or check the school, or district websites, for information regarding school closures.

Reporting Absences

Every morning and afternoon, attendance is taken in the classrooms by teachers. All unreported absences are checked by the office staff and a call home will be made. Your cooperation in telephoning the school at anytime as we do have an answering machine, to report a student absence would be appreciated.

School Visits

When visiting the school or a classroom, we request that you sign in at the office as you arrive and put on a ‘visitor’ badge.

Child Illness

In fairness to all, please do not send your child to school if there are definite signs of ill health in the morning. Good health is necessary for effective learning. Students who are ill should not attend school until their health is reasonably sound.

Students who become ill during the day are to let us know right away. Our policy is to get students who are ill home as soon as possible. Our practice will be to call parents and ask that the student be picked up. For this reason, it is important that parents keep work and emergency contact phone numbers current.

Medication for Students

On occasion we have been asked by a parent to ensure their child receives prescribed medication. Administration of medication is only recommended for students in the school environment where no other options are available and the designated school personnel have received complete information from the parent/guardian about the medication.

If we simply store the medication for the child to administer, we ask that it be brought to school in a properly labeled prescription container and we will store it in a locked place inaccessible to students.

If your child requires school personnel to administer medication on a regular or emergency basis, please be aware that inorder to do so, we require the completion of

the form Medical Intervention Form available at the school office.


Always respect the feelings, rights and property of others. Always use common sense and good manners. In the interest of safety and consideration of others, the general rule of thumb is to ensure that your actions, in all areas of the school and in all interactions, reflect our belief statement.

The following areas are out of bounds:

  1. Car parking areas are in the two lots on either side of the school off River Road. There is NO STUDENT DROP OFF OR PICK UP in the drive-through at the front of the school. We have 5 daycare busses and 3 parents needing the handicapped spot at the front of the school so your consideration for this safety request is much appreciated. The Maple Ridge Golf Course has also very generously offered their parking lot on the South side of the school off Golf Lane for our use during the peak drop off and pick up times.
  2. Bike racks
  3. Change rooms, gymnasium, multi-purpose room, storage rooms, without teacher permission
  4. Neighbouring properties
  5. Area outside the library


Student washrooms are for student use only and so they should be used properly. Students are allowed to use the washrooms at the beginning of recess, lunch and after school. At lunch, students get permission to use the washroom from the noon hour supervisor.

All students are to enter and leave the building through the outside classroom doors unless directed otherwise by their classroom teacher. Hallways are to be kept clear. Parents and visitors are requested to meet their children by the outside classroom door.


Dress must, at all times, be in good taste for an elementary school student and be appropriate for a place of learning. There should not be any mini tops, spaghetti straps, muscle shirts, extremely short shorts, loungewear (i.e. pajama bottoms) or inappropriate t-shirts. T-shirts should not be advertising any drugs, alcohol, etc. Teachers will speak to students and if necessary, inform parents if the child’s clothing appears in our judgment not in good taste.


Hats or visors are for outside use; they are not to be worn inside. This rule is developed as a matter of courtesy.


It is our firm belief that every student at our school is capable of demonstrating behavior and attitude consistent with our beliefs expectation of behaviour. All interventions for inappropriate behaviour will be directed towards assisting students in developing positive means/strategies to express their needs and consistently choose acceptable behavior. When it is apparent that a student needs further assistance in order to choose appropriate behaviour, we will contact the parents in order to create an action plan. We know from experience that when parents and the school work together, students’ behaviours become positive, and this in the long term is in the best interest of the school and the student. We appreciate your support in making Maple Ridge Elementary the place to be.