Welcome Back to School!


Just a quick reminder to all our parents and students that school starts on Tuesday September 6 at 8:30.  Students will go to their last year’s classroom where their teachers will meet them.  New students to our school will go to the library to meet with Mr. Bisset.  Students will be dismissed at 11:00 am.  There are several new teachers at our school who will meet their students in their last year’s classroom.  Any questions or concerns, please call the office or email Stuart Richardson or Shirley Tosh.


Kindergarten through grade 3 students will share supplies bulk ordered by our school. Parents will be billed approximately $42 for their child’s supplies and planner.  parents are also welcome to purchase their own supplies for their child.

Grade 4 through 7 students will be able to use their last year’s supplies or purchase new as needed. supply lists are available at the office.

We look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday!


Stuart Richardson,    srichardson@sd42.ca,  604 626 1772

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