Update from the Principal: A Tentative Deal has been Reached!

September 16:  Hello Everyone.  A positive day today to be sure. Please note:    Until the BCTF and Boards of Education have voted on the tentative deal that was reached early this morning, and until meetings involving district staff and MRTA have occurred,  please stay tuned to both our district website www.sd42.ca and the Pitt Meadows Secondary site for more information with respect to our students’ return to school.    M. Keenan

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Job Action Update from Principal–Thursday September 11

RETURN TO SCHOOL UPDATE #5:  Thursday September 11, 2014


Hello Parents and Students:


We are approaching the end of the second lost week of instruction in the current school year and I know the anxiety and concern continues to grow for parents, students, and my staff.  I receive email correspondence daily from many of you and I will continue to address your concerns as best I can during this difficult time.  While putting this update together today, I see that we are at a point where 99% of B.C.’s public school teachers have voted to support the BCTF Leadership’s recommendation of binding arbitration in order to end the strike and get students and teachers back into the classroom as quickly as possible.  As we all know, however, the provincial government has made it clear that it will not support such a strategy and thus the strike moves towards week #3.


I chat with my teaching and CUPE staff daily and while I know many of them are facing tough times both financially and because they cannot do what I know they ‘love’ to do, they are dealing with things out on the PMSS picket line very professionally and respectfully.  While I won’t comment on specifics around the job action, I salute the staff of PMSS for how they are coping with this.


As we move into week #3, and as I still keep my fingers crossed that some positive announcement might be made soon, the following are topics that many of you are raising at this time or key points I feel you should be aware of:


  • ACCESSING YOUR TIMETABLES:  it was confirmed at our Secondary Principals’ meeting yesterday with Board Office staff that we will hang on to timetables at this time and not distribute to students.  An announcement of when timetables will go out will be made once we have an idea of when students will be returning to classes.


  • Can we Get Started with some Review NOW?   Absolutely.  That would be a wise thing to do as surely students must be getting ‘anxious’ after 13 weeks of ‘summer break’.  Please refer to the separate document posted on both our school website and district website outlining on-line sites that cover many content areas of the B.C. Curriculum.  I caution parents when it comes to inquiring about ‘borrowing textbooks from the school’ at this time.  Not all teachers use hardcopy textbooks for their courses (which I believe is a good thing as there are so many current and relevant resources available), and I cannot guarantee that the textbooks we find in the building are the ones used for a particular course.  The other day I was looking for a physics textbook for a family and came across 5 different textbooks yet we only teach two physics courses here at PMSS.  I’m not sure if the family left with the correct book.   We will lend them out upon request (deposit required until they are returned prior to the start of the school year) but I do ask you to look for alternatives.


  • I would like to drop a course and instead will register on-line.  While we can’t stop you from doing that, be advised that if we do remove you from a course (the most recent was a request to drop English 12), we cannot guarantee you a spot if you change your mind.  The vast majority of classes are FULL (some over-filled) and therefore there are no assurances we can put you back.


  • The PMSS General Office still remains open daily although we can no longer guarantee that one of us is there at all times.  Jenn and I are finding that we are now occasionally requested to move off site and therefore we need to close the building while away. Current PMSS students should be aware that counselors/academic advisors will not be on site until the job action has ended and thus any inquiries regarding timetables, courses etc. will need to wait until we are fully open.  Students new to the district/ school (this does not include Grade 8 students already registered), may visit to inquire about registration or seek additional information.


  • REPEAT ITEM–We encourage parents NOT to phone the school if trying to get in touch with us.  Our clerical staff is not in while the strike is in progress and thus the phones are not active.  Voice mail messages will wait until the clerical team is back.  PLEASE EMAIL US if you need immediate attention to something.  mkeenan@sd42.ca  or jfuhrmann@sd42.ca

We check our email constantly.


  • Posting of HOMEROOM lists.  We have decided to hold off on posting these until a return to school is known as I believe some may misinterpret the posting of these lists to a known return to school.  This is not the case at this time.



As always you are strongly encouraged to pay close attention to local media outlets (TV, newspaper and online sites) and particularly stay connected to www.sd42.ca and www.pmss.ca for regular updates on this situation.


I look forward to seeing students back at PMSS when this is settled.


Mike Keenan, Principal  (mkeenan@sd42.ca)









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