Ceremony Attire

Graduates, you will be wearing a traditional cap and gown for the ceremony. Please remember that this is a formal occasion, and that your attire will be seen as you cross the stage. The gowns zip up in front, but your neck area and legs will be visible, so please consider the formality of the occasion when you choose your outfit. You should not need to purchase a new or expensive outfit for the day, but please dress for the occasion. Your shoes will be visible to the audience as you cross the stage, so black shoes are recommended.

Your gown will be black and the “hood” around it will be green.

The gown, hood and cap are yours to keep.

When selecting shoes, please keep in mind that you will be walking up and down a very large staircase during the processional and recessional.  It is important for you to be wearing appropriate shoes for this.  Flat shoes or VERY low heels are strongly recommended.

Your attire should include:
-Your cap.  This will be given to you at the graduation rehearsal and is yours to keep. You will be given the tassel for your cap immediately before the ceremony.
-Your black gown and green hood. This will be given to you at the graduation rehearsal.
-Your gold Honours stole (if you have been given one).  Note that stoles must be returned after the ceremony as they belong to the school.
– Gentlemen: We suggest dress shirt with a collar and tie, as the top of your shirt can be seen above the gown and this looks nice in photos. Suit jackets aren’t necessary; it gets quite hot on stage under the lights.  Black pants look best with the black gown.
-Ladies: We suggest a nice shirt/dress (many female students tend to choose a neckline that is not visible above the gown, so the colour is not important). Black pants or a knee-length skirt/dress look best with the black gown.
-Black shoes
-Black socks (or neutral/black nylons if you are wearing a skirt/dress)