Use the links below to find contact information and website links for our staff members.


Principal, Mr. M. Keenan
Grade 12 Students
CLICK HERE to visit Mr. Keenan’s website

Vice Principal, Ms. J. Fuhrmann
Grade 8 and 11 Students

Vice Principal, Mr. T. Levesque
Grade 9 and 10 Students

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Penny Griffin
Grade 12 Academic Advisor
Steve Kater
Grade 8, Grade 10, Grade 12 and International Students plus personal counselling
Kathy L’Abbe
Grade 9 and Grade 11

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Office Staff

Jacqueline Montgomery, Administrative Coordinator
Lori Champagne, Accounting
Val Gilbert, Student Records
Laura Coleman, Switchboard/Attendance
To report your child as absent or late you may leave a message on the school switchboard at 604.465.7141.  There is a voicemail system so you may phone before or after hours.  You may also email
Brenna Michaud, Career Centre/Work Experience Assistant
Anita Boles, Library Assistant


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Support Staff

Youth Worker, Charlene Moore
Special Education Assistant, Gwen Applewhite
Special Education Assistant, Sherri Bychyk
Special Education Assistant, Melissa Hannah
Special Education Assistant, Angie Novakowski
Special Education Assistant, Cathie Palmer
Special Education Assistant, Krista Quinn
Special Education Assistant, Neil Wason
Special Education Assistant, Kristin Stusiak
Special Education Assistant, Marilyn Fraser
Special Education Assistant, Marlene Treleaven

The PITT Stop: 
Cafeteria Operator, Robyn Burton
Cafeteria Assistant, Val Laity

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First Name Last Name E-mail Website
Dale Ablett
Sharon Belec
Rhondalee Brema
Heather Brown
Wendy Brown
Holly Burrows
Dan Camozzi
Albert Chang
Bruno Chu
Rob Crymble
Carla Dearman
Anton Donkersloot
Kelvin Dueck
Tim Dilley
Sarah Fruean
Jennifer Galvin
Christine Gilmour
Mark Girard
Pat Girard
Rich Goulet
Penny Griffin
Rob Guzyk
Sue Haras
Jennifer Howard
Steve Kater
Shally Kim
Lance Kraus
Sonja Krzus
Kiel Lemmen
Website Grades
Kim Manning
Stephan Marion
Sid Midtdal
Matthew Mikes
Louise Morris
Nick Nedeljkovic
Mike Oldridge
Mike Oliver
Tony Peruggia
Cara Roberts
John Rocca
Eva-Marie Sarich
Michael Sedlak
Jenna-Lee Shepherd
Karen Thompson
Steve Vandervelden
Sansen Vendiola
Susan Walker
Jessica Wyles

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Staff Blog (secured)

Welcome to the PMSS Staff Blog, a site for collaboration, discussion, and professional learning!
If you need help logging in or would like an invitation to the site, please contact Matt Rosati.  Please click the link above to enter.

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