Course Changes


If you’re looking to change classes then you should know three things:

1.  You must follow a process-  Get a pink course change form from the office, fill it in completely, and return it to the tray in the office.

2.  You must be patient-  There are hundreds of course change requests and the counselling staff are working diligently to complete as many requests as they can.  They cannot prioritize one student’s request over the other so every student must continue to attend the class that is presently on his/her timetable until a change is made.  Students will be notified.

3.  You might not be able to get the changes you want–  There are class size and composition limits this year for the first time since 2002 and that means that counselling staff are not allowed to exceed these limits.  Therefore, if a class is full the counsellors must wait until a spot opens up before they can make the changes.  The staff are trying their best to make changes for students, but not all changes are possible.

******Please don’t phone or email the counsellors to make course change requests as this will slow them down.

******Please don’t knock on the counsellors doors in an attempt to jump the queue.

If you feel that your case requires immediate and exceptional attention and you feel it is important to contact someone please email one of our Vice Principals: Ken Elphick: or Steve Kater:

Thanks for your patience,

The Administration of SRT.