eReport Cards Coming for Term 1!

SRT is transitioning to electronic report cards.  Parents will soon have access to reporting information, student attendance and student timetables.   We are currently preparing to release the 1st term’s report cards electronically for December 21st through an electronic platform called MyClass.

MyClass is a gateway to the provincial Student Information System that will enable parents/guardians to view report cards, student attendance, student timetables, graduation requirements and a number of other features. MyClass is a separate system from the School District Parent Portal and requires parents to open a MyClass account.   Once you receive an email from DEO with your log in information, you can get started on the website below.  (You can watch videos and get some good info but you won’t be able to log on until you receive that info)

Please note: SRT MUST have your updated email so you can link to your MyClass account.. Please forward your updated email only to our records clerk at

We also need your updated VERIFICATION FORM returned to the office. If there are no changes or you have already handed one back then no need to re-do it.    Forms have gone out but your child can pick one up at the office.

As SRT  makes this transition to eReport Cards, we will provide both an electronic report card for those parents linked on MyClass and a paper report that may be picked up in the SRT office.   We encourage parents to register as soon as possible as paper copies of report cards will be phased out in this school year.