Athletics and Clubs

Complete list of the clubs and teams:



THSS offers a wide variety of noon hour activities for all grades. These activities are led for students by a Student Intramural leadership class. Every year we have:
volleyball, basketball, indoor soccer, badminton, dodgeball … and more.

Extracurricular Activities

In addition to the excellent academic opportunities that are offered to THSS students, we are proud of our extra-curricular program and encourage all students to become actively involved in this aspect of school life. These activities provide a wonderful way to make new friends, learn new skills, and become involved in our school. The following are some of the activities we provide:

School Activities

In addition to our many sports teams, there are other opportunities for you to get involved in the school. Why not consider signing up for one of the following activities?

  • Student Leadership – Mr. Friend
  • Student Council – Ms. Godfery, Mr. Connolly, and Mr. Biggar
  • Eco Action Mrs. Vandepauw
  • PE Leadership – Mrs. Coghill
  • District Student Advisory Committee
  • FSO- Fruit Salad Organization –  Focussing on Respect and Tolerance – contact Ms. Ferguson
  • RAK – Random Act of Kindness – Mrs.  Merhassa
  • First Aid Team  – contact Mr. I. Liversidge
  • Volunteer (visit our Career Centre) – teacher contact Mr. S. Weins
  • Weight Room/Fitness Club – PE Staff
  • Fly Fishing club – teacher contact Mr. S. Hussey

Athletic Department

The Athletic Department co-ordinates and administers numerous activities for students throughout the school year. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities to participate in team and intramural programs. In the past we have offered seasonal team in:

 Fall Sports

 Winter Sports

Spring Sports

Cross Country
SB Soccer
JB Soccer
GR 8 Girls Volleyball
Gr 8 Boys Volleyball
Jr Girls Volleyball
Jr 8 Boys Volleyball

Sr Girls Volleyball

Jr Boys Volleyball
Gr 8 Girls Basketball
Gr 8 Boys Basketball
Jr. Girls Basketball
Jr. Boys Basketball
Sr. Girls Basketball
Sr. Boys Basketball
Girls Soccer
Track & Field