Grade 8 Laptop Program

Technology is an important part of  the grade 8 experience at THSS. In the 2014 – 2015 school year every grade 8 student used a laptop as  a part of their daily learning.   Technology and pedagogy have come together. We will continue to support a bring your own device format for 2015 and beyond.


We were able to support all students without personal laptops through a donation from  Samsung Canada as a part award received by past Principal Mr Sean Nosek. Mr. Nosek was recognized, by the Learning Partners, as one of Canada’s Most Outstanding Principal’s in 2014.

If your son or daughter is registered at THSS through the SD 42 registration a process, but is without a tablet, netbook or laptop, please be sure to contact the Vice Principal listed on the bottom of the page.

-Students bring their OWN laptop to school.
-Laptop can be a: Mac, PC, Tablet or Netbook.
-Course delivery will be on the SD 42 E-Class Moodle.
-Students attend classes at THSS like all other students and complete the same curriculum but have the opportunity to use technology to enhance their learning opportunities.

-Improved academic performance (improved grades)
-Improved organizational skills & assignment completion
-Improve student engagement
-Broaden learning beyond the classroom

For more information about the THSS Grade 8 Laptop Pod, please contact: