Maureen Alain (EA)
Naomi Andrusiw (Support)

Susan Barre (EA)
Mark Biggar (English, Law, Social Studies, Tech Ed.)
Jugana Bikic (Academic Support, English, Planning)
Philip Brekkaas (Woodwork)
Sarah Burden (EA)
Timothy Burns (Fine Art – Choir, Music)
Robyn Burton (Teaching Kitchen Assistant) Robyn is currently on leave; Karen Chambers is her replacement: Karen Chambers

Josh Carriss (English, PE)
Karen Carruthers (Teaching Kitchen Assistant replacing Robyn Burton) 
Diane Chadwick (EA) 
Joanne Chessa (Receptionist and Attendance Clerk)
Andrea Clayton (PE – Dept Head, Athletic Coordinator)
Drew Clutchey (Psychology, Academic Support)
Lisa Coghill (PE )
Theresa Coleman (Science Kiosk)
Chris Connolly (Social Studies Dept. Head, shared with Brian Williams)
Shelley Craig  (Test Center)
Marcie Culbert (Academic Support, Intro to Japanese, Planning, International Education Liaison)
Jacob Curley (Auto, English, Guitar)
Jeffrey Curwen Vice Principal and Grade 8 and Grade 10 liaison

Pam Danz (EA) 
Deborah Davis (Records Clerk)
Michael Devita (Science, Math, Website – )
Randy Dickin (Socal Studies English, ThunderFit, Website: )
Sim Dimmock (filling in for Rebecca Mang until June 2018)
Martin Dmitreiff (Foods, Math, Science)
Rhonda Dodd (EA)
Natasha Dufresne (EA)

Amanda Eberhardt (English, Social Studies, Website:; Amanda is on maternity leave, and her replacement is TBA
Shelley Evans (Drama, Equestrian Academy)

Allon Faa (Math, Website: )
Brent Faulkner (Support)
Kathryn Ferguson (Kathryn is on leave until further notice. Her replacement is Kirsten Mah
Heather Fischer (Languages Dept. Head – French, Spanish) Website:
Paul Franco (Math, Science)
Grant Frend (Principal)
Megan Fulgueras (Librarian) Megan is on maternity leave; her replacement is Nastasha Mol

Val Gilbert (Administrative Coordinator)
Eira Godfrey (filling in for Krystle Kalanj)
Jenny Godfrey (English, Social Justice, Social Studies)
Todd Goodman (Computers / Law/ SS)
Steven Grant (Science, Math, Website – )
Danielle Gray English / SS (filling in for Amanda Eberhardt until spring 2018)
Marianna Gulyas (EA) 

Athena Hayward (Teaching Kitchen Assistant)
Colleen Heinrich (SPED)
Heather Holness (EA)
Stephen Hussey (Science / Fly Fishing) Website:

Imran Ishani (Math / Science) 

Carrolyn Jennings (English, Social Studies)

Lani Knowles
Amy Kristoffersson (Filling in for Nicole von Krogh until spring 2018)

Amn Litt (Filling in for Brian Williams ~ Outdoor Pursuits, Social Studies)
Jennifer_Lunoch (English, Social Studies)

Kirsten Mah (filling in for Kathryn Ferguson)
Kevin Mahal (PE)
Rebecca Mang (Rebecca is on leave until fall 2018. Her replacement is Sim Dimmock)
Evelyn Matthews  (Counsellor for all gr 9s, all gr 11s, and for gr 12s with surnames beginning with M-Z Website:
Brandon McAlister (Planning, ELL)
Krysta McBride (Academic Support)
Scott McCafferty 
Carolyn McKinley (EA)
David  McIntosh (Chemistry, Physics and Science Dept. Head)
Beth Mehrassa (Math) Website: 
Monica Merritt (EA)
Amy Messner Fine Arts Dept. Head
Corinna Miller (ABED – Support)
Laura Miller (Child Care Worker)
Nastasha Mol (Librarian filling in for Megan Fulgueras until spring 2018)

Jason Naylor (EA) 

Kelli O’Callaghan (EA)
Caroline Olafson (EA)

Chris Page (English, Social Studies)
Bruce Payan (Math, Website:      
Jennifer Pidhany (Website: THSS Special Education ) *Jennifer is on leave until further notice. Please contact her replacement, Louise Rumble-Siddique Louise Rumble-Siddique
Deborah Preddy (Languages Dept. Head), website:
Pamela Preibisch (English Dept. Head), Website:
Susan Purton (EA)            

Jeff Radom (Math Dept Head, Website:
Vikal Reddy (Math) 
Kerry Rokosh (Social Studies) 
Sue Romanoff (EA)
Sheldon Rosenau (SPED Dept head) 
Nancy Ross (EA)
Louise Rumble-Siddique (Support Teacher replacing Jennifer Pidhany)

Frances Samouilhan (Applied Skills- Foods and Textiles)
Paul Sawyer 
Jamie Scoular (Business, Computers, Applied Skills Dept. Head) Website:
Inderjit Sekhon (Career Planning Assistant)
James Seviour (French)
Sandra Shamro (Accounts Clerk)
Evelyn Shkuratoff (EA)
Shelli Silvestri (EA)
Kathy Skipper (EA)
Michelle Szakos (English, Yoga)

Trevor Takasaki (English, SPED – Gifted) 
Carol Tsang (Science, Math, Japanese) 

Glenn Urquhart (PE, Thunderfit)

Carla van der Pauw (Languages)   
Nicole von Krogh  – Science, Applied Skills – Textiles, Foods – Von Krogh’s Textiles Website , Von Krogh’s Science 9 Page, Von Krogh’s Science 10 Page Ms. von Krogh is on maternity leave. Her replacement is Amy Kristoffersson
Paul von Matt (Counsellor for all gr 9s, all gr 11s, and for gr 12s with surnames beginning with (A – L, Website:

Amanda Wardner (EA) Amanda is on leave until further notice
Tammy Watson (EA)
Kim Welton (SPED)
Stan Wiens (Career Center, Work Experience, Planning, Website:
Trish Wilkie (Social Studies, Drama)
Brian Williams (Social Studies, Outdoor Pursuits) Brian is on parental leave. His replacement is Amn Litt
Anne Woloszczuk (Vice Principal and Grade 9 / 11 liaison) 

Megan Zachariuk (French)
Delores Zibulak (EA)