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We Are All Bros!

As I walked through the halls last week I was stopped by 4 girls who had concerns about Twitter etiquette. Apparently, a few senior students were being quite negative on Twitter. Although the comments weren’t aimed at anyone directly, the girls were concerned over the tone this type of behavior sets in our hallways. As […]


The Remote Control

This past Friday I attended the British Columbia Principals and Vice Principals Association President’s meeting. Over lunch, a few colleagues and I were talking about technology and the impact it has had on our lives. The conversation soon came to a discussion about the value of the t.v. remote control. We reminisced about how when […]


All You Need is a Little Soup

I have often wondered if in secondary schools we tend to miss ‘the moment.’ Not the teachable moment, but the moment where silence is ok and we just let everyone be.  It seems we can be so focussed on our curricular objectives, we sometimes forget to slow down and appreciate our opportunities and experiences. In previous […]