Aboriginal Education

Aboriginal Education programs are guided by the Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement. The purposes of this agreement are to:

  • Facilitate excellence and the success of all Aboriginal learners at all grade levels.
  • Continue to build relationships in our schools that are welcoming and supportive of Aboriginal children, their families and the Aboriginal community.
  • Promote the importance of cultural education in order to increase the academic and social success of Aboriginal students.
  • Meet the needs of Aboriginal learners by maintaining and expanding academic, trades and cultural programs where possible while providing the resources for success.

Aboriginal Support Worker’s Role (ASW)

The Aboriginal Support Workers (ASW’s) play a very important role in the success of ALL Aboriginal students. They work in one, two, and sometimes three schools depending on the Aboriginal student population and need in each location. Consistent with the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Education, the support provided is additional to any other programs and services to which an Aboriginal student is already eligible. They help with the Aboriginal self- identification process in September and throughout the year. The Aboriginal Support Workers (ASW’s):

  • Help to foster a sense of belonging.
  • Monitor success plans for Grad program students.
  • Act as a liaison between home and school.
  • Act as a cultural resource person.
  • Offer academic/cultural support in and/or out of the classroom.
  • Provide information regarding opportunities for students of Aboriginal ancestry such as scholarships, employment, etc.