Principal’s Blog: Beginnings

This is a beginning of a new online presence for us at Westview.  We welcome this opportunity for us to engage with our community in this format.   I am going to use this space to let you in on some of the happenings at Westview as well as comment on the some of the ideas that are current and relevant in the greater educational conversation.   To begin, I will share with you some of the things that are happening around the Westview campus.

We continue to have a great tone in the building as teachers and students find new and creative ways to connect.   We had our second “Fun Friday” before Christmas with teachers sharing their passions with students through a myriad of activities including fly tying, scrapbooking, flag rugby, Zoomba, Breaking Down the Walls, etc..  This was an awesome time for staff to connect with kids in different ways and for kids to connect with kids from other grades and groups.  You also may have run into some very small students over the last few weeks.   We are continuing our development of “community” by building deeper relationships with our feeder schools.  Ms Lee-Andrea Woo and her kindergarten class have become weekly regulars at Westview as they planted bulbs in the courtyard and baked turnovers in the cooking room.   Looking back on sports, the fall volleyball season was incredibly successful with the Jr. Girls doing well in the playoffs, Grade 8 boys winning the district championships, and the Senior Girls coming in 3rd in the Fraser Valley Tier II Championships.  Basketball is in full swing with teams at all levels.   Our Christmas Music concert was also a superb display of the depth and breath of musical talent in our school.

One of our School Goals is the development of community.  The tangible effects of this sense of community are an incredibly positive tone in the school, increased involvement in spirit activities, decreased negative peer interactions and a growth in the pride of what it means to be a Wildcat.   It is great to be working in this environment where you can see growth in so many areas.  That is truly was makes Westview “A Great Place To Be.”