Course Selection Process


The course selection process is a five year process. In the end, the goal is to meet both the requirements for graduation and the requirements for the post secondary program of your choice. Information on the grad program is readily available in this package and online at:

Course selection for students entering grades 8, 9, and 10 should largely be directed by student choice. Pick electives of interest. It is good planning to complete your Fine Art or Applied Skill requirement prior to grades 11 and 12. This usually happens naturally while taking a course of interest. Other items of consideration for students entering grades 9 and 10 include completing a language 11 requirement and choosing the correct Math stream. These two issues are strongly controlled by the student’s academic goals.

The climate of post secondary education is in a period of rapid transformation. Students entering grades 11 and 12 need to look ahead and collect information based on their long term goals. Plan for 2 years; both grade 11 AND 12. Consider not just the school, college, or university of your choice but also look at the specific program, as 80 credits is often not enough to meet a program’s entrance requirements.

We recommend students progress to 96 credits for graduation. Programs may have additional requirements above and beyond the general institutional entrance requirements.  In the past several years, the number of post secondary institutions requiring a second language has decreased, while the overall number of post secondary schools has increased. Provincial exams and/or exam marks may or may not be required for school or program acceptance. Course selection is best based on the most up to date information available.

All students are expected to carry eight courses with the exception are Grade 12’s who carry a minimum of seven courses plus grad transitions 12.  Grad Trans 12, as it is called, is a non-graded but required course set by the Ministry of Education. This course is delivered through Advisory assemblies and students have a designated block to work independently through the learning outcomes however, they are expected to submit work at designated deadlines. Grade 12’s are expected to complete grad transitions by the end of January if not sooner.  Once finished, this block of time rolls over into a study block for the remainder of the year.

The school timetable construction is driven by student interest and student choice. Courses and the number of sections of each course offered to students are generated by student choice.  Therefore, it is critical that students take time to make thoughtful course selections.  Once the timetable has been constructed and finalized it is challenging for counselors to accommodate course changes in September.


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