Grade 7 – Course Selection for Grade 8

Dear Grade 7 Parents/Guardians,

We are very excited to have our grade 7 students come visit Westview on May 31st, and are looking forward to working with you and your child in the upcoming years. 

As part of the transition process, course selections have begun, and there is a choice that is offered in grade 8.  As a part of the grade 8 experience, Westview offers 3 choices, specifically.  The most common choice, and the one that does not require selection, is our CATS rotation.  If you do not choose any of the grade 8 specialty choices, this will become a part of your child’s timetable by default.  It includes a 9 week sampler of: Food Studies, Art, Textiles, Drama, Global Citizenship, Metalwork, Woodwork, and Media Arts – Computers.

The other choices are: Band 8, Choir 8, and Soccer Academy 8.

A.     Band 8 is an introductory course to instruments and to reading sheet music.  A rental instrument will be assigned in the beginning of the year, and there is a rental process that Mrs. Jensen will explain in more detail if your child chooses this course.

B.     Choir 8 is a course designed for those students who enjoy singing and for those wishing to improve their vocal skills.

C.     Soccer Academy 8 is a course that focuses on improving soccer skills and soccer knowledge (rules, etiquette, and strategy).  This course is by registration through Mr. Schmidt, and there is a fee to cover the requirements of the Academy.

Please note, that in any of these selections (besides the full CATS rotation), your child will only receive half of the rotations to complete his/her schedule.

If your child is interested in one of these options, please indicate which choice A, B, or C they’d like to experience by contacting the Vice Principal, Mr. Wayne Chow, at or call the school and ask for Mr. Chow.  This selection is due on or before May 31 to ensure that the courses your child wants is properly programmed.

Thank you,

Wayne Chow

Vice Principal

Westview Secondary