Modern Languages

Department Members 2012-13

Julie Bennett  French 8, 9, 10
Lesley Liversidge  French 8, 11, 12
Jennifer Wong Spanish 9, 11 and Intro Spanish 11

Program Overview

Westview Secondary School offers both a French and a Spanish second language program.  French is offered from grade 8 – 12 and Spanish is offered from grade 9 – 12. These courses are communicative based and curriculum is in line with the Common European Framework for second language learning.

As these are communicative language classes, students are expected to participate in all activities and use their second language as much as possible.

The activities and topics in these courses are centered on themes necessary for real life communication in the second language.

Course Evaluation:

Students will be evaluated based on their proficiency level of five skill-based organizers:

• Listening Comprehension
• Reading Comprehension
• Spoken Interaction
• Spoken Production
• Written Production

Informal evaluation takes place throughout the unit of study. It can involve oral participation, homework, quizzes, self-evaluations etc. This is not necessarily used to assign a grade.

Formal evaluation typically takes place at the end of the unit. There are always communicative projects and assignments where students use their second language in real life situations to show that they have met the learning outcomes. Theme based unit tests or term tests will also be done at the end of each unit.

Summative assessment at the end of the school year will be more general and will be in line with the five skill-based organizers listed above.

Cultural Opportunities:

Students have the opportunity to use their second language through participation in international trips and exchanges.

Spanish students could choose to participate in the International Soccer Exchange to Mexico by travelling to Mexico on the exchange or by hosting students or coaches in their homes while they are in Canada.

French students have an opportunity to participate in the school trip to France offered in March of 2014.  This trip through Paris, the Loire Valley, Brittney, Normandy and Vimy Ridge focuses on language, Canadian history and Art.