Special Education

Westview Secondary Student Support Services strive to meet our students’ academic, social and emotional needs.  Our goal is to ensure each student feels valued and supported in reaching their full potential. We collaborate with classroom teachers to provide curriculum adaptations and modifications in inclusive and flexible learning environments. We communicate with parents/guardians to ensure their children are receiving meaningful educational opportunities that align with their Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). Should you have any questions about services we can provide your child, please contact our school office and ask to be directed to our Student Support Services Department Head.

We offer a wide range of support services including three specialized programs, academic drop-in and school-based testing.

Horizons is a full time program that we have offered for many years. Students in this program are working on very personalized goals. Functional daily living needs including academics, communication and social skills, access to the community and personal care skills are the main focus.

Quest is a part time program aimed at supporting students who need functional life skills and transition to post secondary skills including work experience. Students in this program participate in some regular classes such as electives while receiving their academic course work in the Quest program.

WSS Alternate is a program for students in grades 10-12 completing their Dogwood Diploma. Students in this program have either not been attending school regularly or, even with multiple attempts at supporting the student’s learning needs in the typical classroom setting, the student hasn’t been successful in meeting the prescribed learning outcomes. An application process is involved to get into this program and consistent attendance and positive behavior are expected of the students.

Students are continually tracked at Westview by our teaching staff. When a teacher, counselor, administrator or other member of our staff feels a student is at risk academically and/or behaviorally, the student is discussed at our weekly school based team meeting. Our school psychologist is in attendance and a formalized plan is created to help the student get back on track and support their learning challenges. At times, it is recognized that school based testing is appropriate to determine if there are learning challenges that are interfering with our students and their attempts to learn. Parents are notified by the school of any testing that may happen. If you have any questions about any of these programs or services, please contact the school office and ask to be directed to the Student Support Services Department Head.

This year we are providing all students the opportunity to access an academic drop-in during afternoon classes. Students needing additional support to better grasp concepts/skills being taught in their regular classes can bring their assignments to Room 1066 after their classroom teacher has finished giving the lesson. If a student needs help with an academic subject that was taught in the morning, they can bring that work to the drop-in the afternoon. Special Education Assistants (SEAs) and peer tutors will be ready to offer one-on-one direct instruction. Students will need their planners to sign out of their classes. If you have any questions regarding this service, feel free to contact the school office and ask to be directed to our Student Support Services Department Head.