BCIT Automotive, Local 50410
Beattie, Ms. Deb, Local 57309, EA
Bell, Ms. Dallas, Local , EA
Bennett, Ms. Julie, Local 57310, French
Bertoia, Ms. Claudia, Local 57265, EA
Bird, Ms. Gemma, Local 57192, Science
Bismeyer, Ms. Wendy, Local 57311, EA
Blanco, Ms. Cathryn, Local 57307, Counsellor, Grade 8, 10 and 12 A – L
Brock, Mr. Greg, Local 57313, PE
Brooks, Ms. Kim, Local 57314, EA

Carlyle, Ms. Kim, Local 57315, EA
Castres, Ms. Aldine, Local, EA
Chow, Mr. Wayne, Vice-Principal, Gr 8 & 9
Christensen, Ms. Kathryn, Local 57317, EA
Connor, Mr. Matthew, Local , Science, PE
Cruikshank, Mrs. Parminder, Local 57884, Art
Cyr, Mrs. Paula, Local 57318, Social Studies

Davies, Ms. Crystal, Local, EA
Dermott, Ms. Korri, Local 57487, Accounts Clerk
Dick, Ms. Reta, Local, EA
Doran-Eddy, Ms. Krystyna, Local, English, Socials
Draper, Mr. Craig, Local 57320, PE

Easby, Mr. Conrad, Local 57321,Science, Math
Easby, Mrs. Kate, Local 57322, Learning Services
Elliott, Ms. Cathy, Local 57323, EA
Escher, Ms. Lori, Local 57325, English
Evans, Ms. Helen, Local 57326, EA

Ferguson, Ms. Michelle, Local 57390, EA
Fode, Ms. Stepha, Local , Learning Services
Ford, Ms. Hilaire, Local, ELL
Fraser, Mr. Scott, Local 57329, EA
French, Mr. Bill, Local 57330, English

Giesinger, Ms. Patricia, Principal
Gostelow, Ms. Cathie, Local 57333, EA
Grant, Mr. Dean, Local 57422, Media Arts, MS Academy, Info Tec
Grill, Mr. Dan, Local 57306, Grade 9 and 11 Counsellor, Grade 12 M – Z Counsellor


Halenar, Mrs. Angela, Local, Math, Science
Hallate, Mr. Gary, Local 57335, Criminology,(website), Law, Socials, Criminology
Harmon, Mr. Ryan, Local 57094, Metalshop (website)
Hibbeln, Ms. Anne, Local 57305, Administrative Co-ordinator
Hill, Ms. Lindice, Local, Science
Humer, Ms. Andrea, Local 57338, Textiles, Foods and Nutrition, Family Studies


Ius, Mrs. Alix, Local 57392, PE

Jensen, Mrs. Linda, Local 57340, Music, Choir, INTL Liason
Johnson, Mrs. Lisa, Local 50411, Cafeteria


Kostalis, Ms. Demetra, Local, Learning Services, Socials

Labelle, Mrs. Delee, Local 57342, English, Psycholoy
Laidlaw, Ms. Amelia, Local 57389, Learning Services
Leo, Ms. Karen, Local 57343, EA
Lindgren-Streicher, Mr. Karl, Vice-Principal, Gr 10 & 11
Liversidge, Mrs. Lesley, (website), Local 57344, French, Leadership


MacDonald, Ms. Colleen, Local 57604, English
MacDonald, Ms. Heather, Local 57508, PE, Foods and Nutrition
MacDonald, Ms. Sarah, Local 57509, Learning Services
MacLeod, Ms. Katie, Local 57602, Learning Services
MacVeigh, Ms. Christine, Local 57345, EA
Mclean, Mrs. Lorri-Ann, Local 57410, Records Clerk
Moor, Ms. Donna, Local 57347, EA


Olund, Ms. Tracey, Local 57388, EA
Orlogio, Ms. Diana, Local, English/Socials


Pickering, Mr. Brett, Local, Foods and Nutrition
Procyk, Mr. Danny, Local, Wood/Metal Shop

Redden, Ms. Carol, Local 57351, EA
Ritchie, Ms. Victoria, Local 57354, Science, Chemistry
Rocan, Ms. Carole, Local 50406, Reception
Rowell, Ms. Debbie, Local 50411, Cafeteria
Salas, Ms. Francesca, Local 57484, Math, Science
Salchert, Ms. Jennifer, Local 57376, EA
Sanderson, Mr. Dave, Local 57355, English, Yearbook, Drama
Sanderson, Mrs. Ginny, Local 57356, Librarian
Sarai, Ms. Susan, Local 57357, Math
Sauriol, Ms. Sandra, Local 57358, EA
Schley, Ms. Shannon, Local 57360, Math
Schmidt, Mr. Dennis, Local 57361, Soccer Academy, Social Studies
Siscoe, Ms. Stasia, Local, EA
Strothotte, Mr. Andy, Local 57364, Woodshop
Szabo, Mrs. Cindy, Local 57585, Career Centre


Taylor, Ms. Sarah, Local, EA
Tickner, Ms. Kaysha, Local, EA



Walls, Ms. Val, Local 57368, EA
Watkins, Ms. Vanessa, Local 57422, Media Arts, MS Academy, Info Tec
Whincup, Mr. Glen, Local 57369, Youth Worker
Williams, Mrs. Patti, Local 57370, Aboriginal Support Worker
Wong, Mrs. Jen, Local 57371, Spanish
Wood, Mr. Corey, Local 57510, Learning Services




Yau, Ms. Carol-Anne, Local , Socials
Young, Mrs. Sharon, (website), Local 57374, Planning 10, Work Experience

Zagar, Mrs. Danielle, Local 57398, Global Ed, Planning 10, Yoga, Foods & Nutrition

updated: Sept. 14, 2017