About Our School

Whonnock Elementary is a community school of 297 students from Kindergarten to Grade 7.  We have several long-time families here whose parents, and even grandparents, also attended the school.  The very first Whonnock Elementary opened in 1885 near the Fraser River. There were two other sites, and then, in 1998, a new building was constructed and the school community moved to its current site.

Whonnock is, and has always been, a school where students feel valued and encouraged to pursue their individual strengths and talents.  The focus is on academics, but we also work toward excellence in sports and fine arts.  Social responsibility is an important part of life at Whonnock Elementary and our Code of Conduct centres around using common sense, having a positive attitude, respecting ourselves, others and the environment and putting forth our best effort.  Parents, staff and students all work together toward these common goals.

Numerous wonderful things occur at Whonnock Elementary and we have many accomplishments to share.  Students actively engage in a variety of sports (volleyball, basketball and track and field) and the school is also famous for BooHoo Ville, our Halloween fundraiser carnival.  Our excellent teaching staff always keep student learning first.  Students, staff and parents alike are all proud to say that we are part of Whonnock Elementary.

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